Creating a brand is not just for Apple computers anymore. Every company, whether it is a service or product, needs to distinguish its brand to stay on-top. As the age of information and knowledge rapidly expands, companies are forced to create ever lasting impressions in order to win the customer over. In today’s era of ‘too many options’ companies must differentiate themselves from the competition through various means. One of those methods is branding and marketing.

Lolly Web Designs Marketing & Branding Services

When we meet to discuss your online or print design goals, this is what we’ll figure out together in order to produce the best results:

  • Target audience research (i.e. demographics, location, etc…)
  • Competition analysis
  • Purpose of the website or design that we’re creating
  • Color scheme to match the logo and corporate identity (see image on right)
  • Aggregate your services and products into a clear and concise message
  • Your company’s message and/or motto
  • Your company’s overall goals

branding and marketing by lolly web designs